SFF 2011 Day 9 - Trailer of the Day is JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI


Today's pick for the Sydney Film Festival Trailer of the Day is JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI. Here's what the SFF Program says about the film:

Sukiyabashi Jiro must be the smallest three-star Michelin restaurant in the world. A basement eatery in Ginza, Tokyo, with just ten stools, no credit cards accepted and no printed menu, it doesn't look like a gourmet destination. Behind the unassuming façade, however, stands octogenarian sushi master chef Jiro Ono. He's a perfectionist at his craft, even changing the plate layout for left-handed customers, in keeping with the Japanese tradition of shokunin kishitsu or artisan's spirit. He's also an exacting teacher: one of his apprentices recalls making 200 tamago (omelettes) before Ono gave his final approval. His eldest son, the 50-something Yoshikazu, is apprehensive about maintaining his father's standards. The younger son, as tradition allows, runs his own restaurant, one that offers a more relaxed dining experience - with chairs and tables. The creation of the Jiros' prized sushi is photographed in exquisite detail by director and cinematographer David Gelb.

Embedded below is the trailer.

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