SFF 2011 Day 6 - Trailer of the Day is AFRICA UNITED

africa-united-limited.jpgToday's pick for the Sydney Film Festival Trailer of the Day is the delightful AFRICA UNITED. Here's what the SFF Program says about the film:

Three Rwandan kids hit the road to soccer's World Cup in this energetic and enjoyable feature. Dudu is convinced that his best friend, Fabrice, is going to be a football legend. When a FIFA representative offers Fabrice the chance to audition for the opening celebrations of the 2010 Cup, Dudu, his self-appointed manager, convinces him to make the trip to Rwanda's capital. Accompanied by Dudu's little sister, the penniless trio hop on a coach but somehow manage to end up in the wrong country, having missed the audition. Before long the smooth-talking, geographically-challenged Dudu convinces them to make the 5,000 kilometre journey to South Africa. Along the way they meet up with a couple of new players, outwit the baddies and ricochet from crisis to calamity. The problems that face the African continent, including child soldiers and HIV, are threaded into the story, and giving this entertaining journey a thoughtful edge.

Embedded below is the trailer.

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