Poster and Still Arrive for LAFF Beyond Flick 'ENTRANCE'

, Festivals Editor

LA Film Fest doesn't quite have a midnight section but they do have a small section they refer to lovingly as "The Beyond." From this point forward we'll refer to it here as "Twitch presents: The Beyond" (just kidding we aren't presenting it so please don't sue us). Along side notable entries from Ti West and Noboru Iguchi sits a hidden gem set right here in the heart of Los Angeles. Dallas Hallam's and Patrick Horvath's co-directorial debut is a creepy looking horror and we have a first look at the film's very cool poster and a still from the flick.

We haven't seen it yet, but we are hearing good things and if this glowing writeup from the LAFF site is any indication, this is definitely going to be one film not to miss at this year's fest.

A remarkably deft blending of genres, this character-study-meets-horror-flick is a true East Side collaboration. Suziey the Silverlake barista really is Suziey the Silverlake barista (and a gifted actress) and the rambling hillside home she inhabits onscreen was director Dallas Hallam's rental during shooting. But what's most remarkable about Hallam and Patrick Horvath's directorial debut is the unshakable sense of dread it evokes. Be warned-you may not sleep so well once you've experienced Entrance. -LAFF

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