One last trailer for Peter Chan's WU XIA

, Asian Editor
[UPDATE: Added Cantonese dialogue version with English subtitled of the main trailer.]

Personally I'm looking forward to this one quite a bit. Perhaps there are some concerns that Donnie Yen is slowing down and not quite the fighting force he once was, but I'd much rather have that bolstered by impressive visuals from someone like Peter Chan than padded with excessive nationalistic breast-beating. Who knows, perhaps we'll get that too, but as the release date for WU XIA looms ever closer - the Hong Kong release has just been moved up a week to 28 July - we now get one last trailer, giving us a more coherent understanding of the plot, and there doesn't appear to be much politics involved. That said, there are unfortunately no English subtitles on the version I came across this morning, but as and when one does materialise I'll switch these trailers over. 

Also worth noting is that the Mainland China release of the film, due to open 4 July will apparently run 10 minutes longer than the international release, which sadly even includes Hong Kong. Perhaps China is beginning to grasp the fact that their nationalistic sub-plots don't travel well and will start removing those elements for export, but I'm just speculating. We should be so lucky.
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