Muay Thai Fighters vs Futuristic Soldiers! Trailer For Sci-fi Actioner AFTER III 2090

Perhaps the most unlikely genre mash-up to emerged from Thailand, After III 2090 offers a can of whoop ass, Muay Thai-style against hi-tech special forces from a dystopian future.  Suffice to say, elbows to the face never goes out of fashion, regardless of setting.  Its produced by Lomkazip film international, the founders of the Thailand Stunt Award and its written/directed by Komsan Boonsret.
After III 2090 is a thai science fiction film that tells a story of the post apocalyptic world planet after world war III. It follows the adventures of Nakin and his battle with the black commander who rules the world.
Its schedule for release at the end of this year. You'll find the trailer and some behind-the-scene videos embedded below.
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