Hey NY, LA & Portland - Go See VIVA RIVA this Weekend!

, Festivals Editor

We've been loving on Djo Munga's Congolese crime thriller Viva Riva! for months and months now and it's finally coming out in limited release this weekend! I had a chance to see it this week and completely agree with James Marsh's glowing review. This action-packed flick set on the mean streets of Kinshasa is far more polished than I expected with a taut storyline and great performances by the leads. And boy is Marshy right - that girl is sexy!

Viva Riva! opens in NY, LA, and Portland OR this weekend and expands to Seattle next weekend. From there it rolls out to Philly, SF, Berkely, San Jose, DC and on and on. Check the official page for more info and catch it before it's gone like a stack of hundreds at the club.

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