Utterly Bizarre, Totally Compelling Trailer For Bertrand Mandico's BORO IN THE BOX

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Some delayed Cannes coverage here with a trailer for Bertrand Mandico's forty minute short film Boro In The Box. A bizarre, surreal picture that clearly owes a certain debt to the likes of Jodorowsky and Bunuel this is utterly strange stuff.

From the day he was conceived to his cinematographic death, the portrayal of the fantasized filmmaker Walerian Borowczyk : Boro-in-his-box discovers a cruel and obscene world. He experiences banal yet colorful adventures, from Poland to Paris, caressing erotic birds and organic cameras in a phantasmagorical Alphabet.

The trailer for this one largely defies description but do be aware that it contains some quite graphic nudity so is not a good one for workplace viewing.
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