Four Clips From TREE OF LIFE Where Brad Pitt Teaches You To Be A Man

If you want to get the family dynamic at play in Terrence Malick's upcoming Palm D'Or winner Tree of Life, look no further than these four clips.  The first shows star Brad Pitt knocking up his wife (poetically).  The two after that show him dominating his sons in an effort to man-them-up.  The last one shows what happens when he is gone on a business trip and discipline turns to fun in the family homestead.  

Of course, you are aware that this film spans the scope of the cosmos, but it tells it through the lens of a 1950s Americana.  These clips give a very accurate look of what you are in store for May 27 if you live in NY/LA, or June/July when the film starts expanding to Canada and rest of the US.

There are no spoilers here-in, but one might say that it is impossible to spoil a Malick film; the devil is in the details.
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