What Does Benicio Del Toro Have in Common with the Atomic Bomb? Kaneto Shindo Retrospective!

, Contributing Writer
To celebrate the prolific Japanese master filmmaker Kaneto Shindo's 99th birthday and to help Japan disaster relief efforts, The Urge for Survival: Kaneto Shindo Retrospective, with 11 of his finest films will kick start its traveling show at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) on April 22nd through May 5th. The retro includes the US premiere of his seminal Children of Hiroshima (1952) in a new 35mm print, The Naked Island (1960) (running concurrently with Children of Hiroshima for a week), Onibaba (1964), Kuroneko (1968) and his new film Postcard (2010).

Apparently a long time fan of Shindo, Benicio Del Toro will be on hand along with the director's son, Jiro Shindo for the screening of The Naked Island today, his 99th birthday, April 22nd.

Proceeds from this series will go to Japan disaster relief efforts.

For more information and tickets, please visit BAM

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