Tribeca 2011: Trailer Premiere For Dennis Farina Starring THE LAST RITES OF JOE MAY

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Starring the great Dennis Farina in one of the finest performances of his career, Joe Maggio's The Last Rites Of Joe May is a throwback to another era and another style of filmmaking. So much so that the observant among you should have no trouble picking up the film they're nodding to in the just released trailer for the picture.

Small-time Chicago hustler Joe May (the incomparable Dennis Farina) always felt like a great destiny awaited him, but with his health ailing and his age advancing, he's never looked more like a bum. Broke and evicted, he's taken in by a troubled young mother and daughter, in whom he finds one last shot to be a hero. Pulsing with the spirit of classic urban dramas, The Last Rites of Joe May is a subtle, sophisticated tale of redemption.

The Last Rites Of Joe May has its world premiere at Tribeca on Friday the 22nd at 6pm. Frankly, I'm just happy that someone out there still wants to make movies like this while there are still stars like Farina to feature within them. This man is a true American icon who deserves far more recognition than he gets and this is the sort of role that fits him like a glove. Take a look below.

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