Scott Adkins Joins Van Damme And Lundgren In UNIVERSAL SOLDIER 4, Production Gearing Up Now

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Says the star of Undisputed 2, Undisputed 3 and Ninja via his Twitter account:

Getting on a plane to go and make Universal Soldier 4 with Dolph & JC.

There have been rumblings that Universal Soldier: A New Dimension may be in the works for a while now, with writer-director John Hyams expressing a desire to continue the franchise. Early reports even suggest that Michael Jai White may return from Universal Soldier 2. But this is the first solid confirmation that it's actually happening. And not only is it happening, it's happening right now with both Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren - who was killed quite convincingly last time out - returning.

As for the addition of Adkins, the man is one of the truly great, unsung action stars of his generation and while I truly believe that he is better than the DTV tier that he is working in any production that adds Adkins is generally better off for it. And if rumors turn out to be true and Adkins will be reunited with his Undisputed 2 co-star Michael Jai White here ... well, that'd be truly excellent.
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