Quentin Tarantino Introduces An Onslaught Of Vehicular Carnage In The ActionFest Tribute To Buddy Joe Hooker

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Amidst a fraternity of men who make their living doing insanely dangerous things in the name of entertainment, Buddy Joe Hooker is a legend. With a whopping one hundred seventy eight stunt credits to his name - stretching all the way back to 1967's The Game People Play - Hooker has been in the business of not dying for longer than most people reading this site have been alive.

And so Hooker was the recipient of this year's ActionFest Lifetime Achievement Award, an award presented live at the festival in Asheville, North Carolina after the presentation of a video tribute edited together by Not Quite Hollywood and Machete Maidens Unleashed director Mark Hartley with an intro from Quentin Tarantino, who worked with Hooker on Death Proof.

And though the festival may be over this video is far too much fun to let it slip away. And so we present for your enjoyment below a ridiculous string of carnage put on film by Buddy Joe Hooker.
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