Icelandic Zombies! UNDYING LOVE Trailer.

One of the perks of writing for an international movie website is that you can sometimes pimp your own wares, so this is a completely selfish act that I hope some people might enjoy.

Last summer, with the help from some fantastic friends I wrote and directed a short film, something I had been talking about doing for years but never took the first step until my friend, filmmaker Olaf De Fleur urged me to do it and we gathered a group of people for a few days and created this little zombie "epic" which was a lot more difficult than I first imagined.

The short is still in post production, the drawbacks of having everyone work for free and having a full time job that eats up most of your free moments. But it's close to the end and I thought it would be time to put together a trailer.

So here it is below. Watch it in fullscreen and crank up the volume.
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