First Trailer For Brazilian SciFi Comedy O HOMEM DO FUTURO

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Is that a Timecrimes gag I spot in the first trailer for Brazilian time travel comedy O Homem Do Futuro? It certainly appears to be.

Like Nacho Vigalondo's film, this upcoming effort by Claudio Torres revolves around a man who travels back in time, meeting multiple instances of himself. But unlike Timecrimes this one appears to be an entirely lighthearted affair.

Here's a translation of the official synopsis:

Zero (Wagner Moura) is a brilliantscientist, but arrogant and unhappy.About to be fired, he decides to put into practice a new invention: aparticle accelerator. The experimentfails, but he accidentally travels back in time and gets another chance withHelen (Aline Moraes), a woman whorenounced the scientist andhumiliated him years before this trip .

Due for release in September the first trailer has just arrived online. Check it below.
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