Cannes 2011: SUCKER PUNCH's Emily Browning Stars In Psycho-Sexual Thriller SLEEPING BEAUTY

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Lemony Snicket's Emily Browning is all grown up. And while Zack Snyder glammed up that fact in Sucker Punch, first time director Julia Leigh is playing male fantasy to a much darker end with her Cannes selected Sleeping Beauty.

Lucy, a disenchanted and financially strapped university student, accepts work as a sleeper in a 'Sleeping Beauty' chamber:  "You will go to sleep, you will wake up. It will be as if the hours never existed." The first man to visit Lucy venerates her youth and beauty. The second is sadistic. Nonetheless she returns ...
Let me phrase that a little more straightforwardly for you. Lucy (Emily Browning) is a high end prostitute. One who allows herself to be drugged into unconsciousness so that her clients can do what they will with her while she retains no memory of the events.

Australia has proven to be a wellspring of incredible new film talent in recent years and Sleeping Beauty looks sure to continue that trend. Leigh's work is icily precise, the clinical nature of the footage only adding to the disturbing nature of the subject matter. The first trailer has arrived online and is available below.

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