Weinberg Reviews I SAW THE DEVIL

My longtime colleague Drew McWeeny (previously of AICN, presently with HitFix.com) sold me on seeing this movie at Toronto last fall ... which proves why it's smart to have good friends on the festival circuit.

The film went on to play at Fantastic Fest and others, and there's been much talk on Twitch about it, but now that it's out in New York and Los Angeles I wanted to share my thoughts.

From my review at Fearnet, here's an excerpt:
As a crafty thriller, as a brutal horror film, as an epic battle between the inexpressibly evil and the tragically dwindling good -- this is one fantastically hypnotic movie. As in most films with this sort of story, our hero becomes instantly infected by the malicious evil he's trying to destroy. The killer actually gets to cause untold damage because the cop wants to string his quarry along. The movie is loaded with dark ambiguity of the sort, and its themes elevate the film well beyond that of a "cop vs. crook" story; things start to feel downright biblical by the time Act III comes barreling at you.
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