Trailer For Calvin Poon's HI, FIDELITY

, Asian Editor
Calvin Poon's Hi, Fidelity will be taking its bow at the upcoming Hong Kong International Film Festival. The story of three lonely housewives competing for the attention of the same young gigolo is sure to attract attention for its subject matter but beyond that it simply appears to be very, very well done. Here's how the festival describes it:

How desperate can a house wife get? Three lonely tai tais with their husbands eloping with others (women or men) start to embark on pleasure-seeking excursions to Hong Kong's neighboring territory. It all started as some good nature fun runs into the pleasure dome, but when they all start to fall for a handsome gigolo with irresistible boyish charm, their friendship is put to the test and what follows is a downward spiral into the abyss of the human psyche. Pat Ha makes a welcoming return and has lost none of her charm that used to grace the screen.

Find the trailer below.
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