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Irish director Terry McMahon is a living example of the power of social networking. McMahon's script for Charlie Casanova was rejected by the Irish Film Board, a situation he refused to accept. So he tattooed himself with the motivational phrase "The Art is in the Completion. Begin." and posted a note to his Facebook page that he was going to make the movie anyway and who wanted to help him?

Thousands of volunteer hours and about a thousand bucks later Charlie Casanova exists as an actual film.

Erudite, harmless, ruling class egotist, Charlie Barnum (EMMET SCANLAN, in a haunting performance)'s smoke and mirror articulations conceal a prejudiced, over-educated sociopath who refuses to be bound by the restrictions of morality, law or even reality. When Charlie knocks down a working class girl in a hit-and-run, he uses a deck of playing cards to determine his fate. Dangerously subversive, provocatively dark, and satirically disturbing, you've already met Walter Mitty and Billy Liar, now it's time for you to meet the darkest member of that twisted trio; the man of our times, Charlie Casanova.
The first trailer for this dark, biting satire has arrived for your perusal below.

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