SXSW 2011: An Exclusive Clip Of Joey Lauren Adam's In APART

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A most unusual sort of psychological thriller, Aaron Rottinghaus' Apart takes a very rare - but very real - psychological disorder as its basis and builds out a story of tragedy and mystery from there. Here's the official synopsis:

Noah Greene (Josh Danziger) awakens from a two-year coma.  His memories are hazy; even as he rehabilitates himself, he remains lost in his own life.  As Noah digs deeper into his half-remembered life, he is forced to confront the suspicions of those around him, as well as a pair of shattering tragedies that both bind him to and drive him away from the girl he loves.  The first of these - a school bus accident when they were young children - has forever connected him to his playmate Emily Gates (Olesya Rulin).  The result of the accident is a rare but real disorder called folie à deux (referred to as ICD-10, F.24), where the traumatized Emily suffers disturbing and precognitive visions for the rest of her life - visions which Noah also experiences, but only in proximity to Emily. 

As Noah returns to his hometown, determined to discover the cause of his injury and memory loss, he re-connects with Emily.  Together, Noah pieces together the nature of the relationship they enjoyed as teenagers: warm, familiar, achingly tender... a closeness that should have blossomed into romance, save for the catastrophes of the past.
Joey Lauren Adams (Chasing Amy) plays a key support role in the film and Twitch is pleased to present an exclusive clip from the picture featuring Adams along with a previously released video.

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