Ghost Vixen, Demons and Taoist Monk! It's The Trailer For A CHINESE GHOST STORY

So it seems the title has reverted back to A Chinese Ghost Story rather than A Chinese Fairy Tale according to the trailer. Either way, I'm eager to see Wilson Yip's take on adapting Pu Songling's romance/supernatural folklore with the benefits of modern digital tools that wasn't available in Ching Siu-tung/Tsui Hark's version. As mention before, the cast include Louis Koo, Liu Yifei, Yu Shaoqun, Fan Siu-Wong, Kara Hui and Lin Peng.  Here's the unofficial synopsis taken from the first film adaptation but I reckon its more or less close enough. 
Ning is a tax collector who spends a night in a supposedly haunted villa. Instead of obviously grotesque creatures, Ning meets an enchanting maiden named Sian. But Sian is a ghost bound to the netherworld, and worse, her master is a soul-sucking demon with an extremely long tongue! Ning is slated to become the demon's next meal, but some humanity remaining in Sian compels her to keep him alive. Romance blossoms, and Ning resolves to help Sian. He even enlists the aid of a Taoist master to save Sian and vanquish the evil demon. But even if the duo succeeds, everlasting love may be only a fantasy.
The theatrical release date in China is on April 22nd.  You'll find the trailer (English subtitles with Cantonese dialogue) embedded below.
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