Anthony Wong Stars In Johnnie To Produced Kidnap Thriller PUNISHED

, Asian Editor
Soon to premiere at the Hong Kong International Film Festival is Law Wing-Cheong's upcoming kidnap thriller Punished. Here's the festival synopsis:

The tycoon (Anthony Wong) is a tyrant who terrorizes both family and staff, the only exception being his loyal bodyguard (Richie Ren). The tycoon's punishment begins with his good-for-nothing daughter being abducted, and then killed by cold-blooded kidnappers. Grief-stricken and guilt-ridden, he turns to his bodyguard, a man with a history and therefore underworld connections, to avenge his daughter's death. The bodyguard goes to work, with great efficiency. But there is little satisfaction in payback, and the tycoon finds himself plunging into lower and lower depths in his own heart of darkness. Solid performances from Wong and Ren, playing two unhappy men bonded in a feudal master/slave relationship where the only escape is violence.
With material like this and Johnnie To regulars Anthony Wong and Richie Ren starring is it any surprise that To is on board as a producer? Check out the trailer below.
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