$800 Buys You An Exploding Train. Watch The Promo For UK Thriller THE LAST PASSENGER.

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Omid Nooshin's The Last Passenger does not yet exist but it will soon. At least he will if the microbudget promo he shot for the film has anything to say about it.

The film's script made The Brit List - the UK equivalent to The Black List - back in 2008, an event that got Nooshin a job offer from M Night Shyamalan to write the middle piece of the Night Chronicles trilogy, a job Nooshin turned down to focus on this instead. And when investors proved slow to step up he went out and shot the promo below for a paltry eight hundred bucks. You'd never guess it to look at it.

THINK YOUR commute is bad? Delayed, overcrowded and overcharged? Well for these six passengers it's just about to get a whole lot worse. LAST PASSENGER is a speeding train movie unlike any you've seen before; not tearing up the track in US wasteland, but right through the heart of London's suburbs.
This is a really impressive piece, regardless of budget. The budget just makes it a little bit sweeter. Check it below.

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