Sundance Promos You Weren't Supposed to See

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It has been a tradition at Sundance for filmmakers from the previous year's shorts program to make the bumpers that run before the films start. Featuring the festival's slogan (this year it was "Be There" or "Be Here" or something), these promos aim to add a bit of a light touch to start things off. Of course, if you sit through anywhere near 25+ films, they also tend to get extremely annoying.

So where were the bumpers this year? As VULTURE reports, they were sitting in Robert Redford's office, embargoed because of questionable subject matter:

Sundance commissioned a total of four bumpers from Jeremy Konner, whose Drunk History: Douglass & Lincoln, with Don Cheadle and Will Ferrell, won last year's short films jury prize, and Jordan Vogt-Roberts, whose Successful Alcoholics was a favorite in last year's short films program. Konner's proposals were rejected early in the process, but Vogt-Roberts's concepts (including a mockery of festival "swag hags," with a cameo by Arrested Development's Tony Hale, and one with Jason Ritter playing a Steven Slater-like fed-up flight attendant) were approved, shot, and edited. And yet a week before the festival, the word came down that they wouldn't be shown, with a source revealing that the ultimate decision from on high was that they were "too edgy." Sundance spokespeople were not available for comment.

With the festival over, the promos have been let loose on the public. You decide - too controversial for the festival going public or a funny start to your movie going experience?

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