EFM 2011: North American Rights For WKW's GRANDMASTERS Go To Annapurna Productions

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To say that this is odd would be an understatement.

North American distribution rights for Wong Kar Wai's Grandmasters have been purchased by Annapurna Productions. A company, it should be pointed out, which is not actually a distributor. So how it's going to get on screens or on shelves is a bit of a mystery for the time being.

As a production company Annapurna are backing John Hillcoat's upcoming The Wettest County In The World and Andrew Dominik's Cogan's Trade, so they clearly have good taste but it's more than a little surprising that a film this high profile went to a company that has completed production on only two projects, neither of which has secured release anywhere, and has no distribution infrastructure while several other better established players were left on the sidelines.

This whole film thing could prove to be a very expensive hobby for Annapurna head, heiress Megan Ellison.
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