EFM 2011: Magnolia Buys North American Rights To Lars Von Trier's MELANCHOLIA

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Lars Von Trier's vision of the end of the world will be hitting screens across America thanks to Magnolia Pictures.

Rumors began to circulate the market floor of the EFM that Magnolia were making a play for the picture almost immediately after the screening of the film's first brief promo reel and now it is official. Magnolia has emerged as the winner in a multi-distributor dust up for the title, taking North American rights in what is being described only as a seven figure deal.

Is it worth it? I was at the same screening as Tom Quinn - Magnolia's head of acquisitions - and I would say yes. It is clearly the work of Von Trier but also the most commercial looking piece of work in the man's career. This is a Von Trier film that, despite being a Von Trier film through and through, you could cut a trailer for that might stand a chance of playing to positive response in suburban Middle America multiplexes.
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