EFM 2011: IRON SKY Promo Spotted

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No, this is not going to be available to the public - it's too spoilery - but with principal photography wrapped up a first promo for Finnish produced, English language science fiction comedy Iron Sky is available for viewing here at the European Film Market. And it's a must watch.

Cut together from footage making up about 40% of the shoot - the other 60% of the shoot is heavily green screen based and not ready yet - the footage looks simply fantastic and, more importantly, is hysterically funny. Production design is amazing and the comic timing is bang on, the footage playing like a more sophisticated Mel Brooks riff. Shots of moon-Nazi space children in seated in class rows being trained to shout "We come in peace!" as they invade earth were a particularly bright spot for me, as was the riffing on Sarah Palin - a move which has become progressively more relevant since production began on this one.

While this promo will never be made available to the public I'm told there will be a one minute or so teaser cut and released in the lead up to Cannes and you can expect to see that on Twitch first.
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