EFM 2011: CHOCOLATE 2 Coming In 3D

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[Updated with new sales art.]

Ong Bak director Prachya Pinkaew is a busy, busy man. He's got his English language debut White Elephant - with Kevin Bacon - in post, he's deep into things with his tae kwon do film The Kick, and Ong Bak studio Sahamongkol have just announced the launch of Chocolate 2, with star Jija Yanin returning to the part that launched her in the martial arts world. Details are scarce as yet but expect Yanin to kick a great deal of ass in the film which launches production in late spring, and expect her to do it in 3D. Because she will.

Action is tough to do in three dimensions, but the prospect of Yanin's fists and feet bursting out of the screen is a pretty appealing one.

More information - hopefully including the promo art - as we get it.
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