Trailer For Danish Animated Feature THE GREAT BEAR

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Jonathan, 11, usually spends his vacations alone with his grandfather who lives on the edge of a vast forest populated by mythical animals. This year his kid sister Sophie joins him. But it's not cool to be stuck with a little sister, so he does what he can to avoid her. He succeeds entirely too well: Sophie is kidnapped by a giant, 1000-year-old bear. Now, Jonathan has to venture into the heart of the forest to confront the strange beings that dwell there and retrieve his sister.

Due for local release in February the first trailer is freshly arrived online from Esben Toft Jacobsen's The Great Bear, the latest kid-focused animation project from Anders Morgenthaler's Copenhagen Bombay production outfit. Yes, the director of Princess has well and truly moved on from his animated anti-porn revenge movie to back a steady stream of kid friendly fare. And good thing, too, because while the human characters may feel a little plastic to those raised on Pixar the concept is stellar and the world these characters are moving in quite compelling. Check the trailer below.
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