The Apocalypse Takes A Darkly Comic Turn In Pat Tremblay's HELLACIOUS ACRES: THE CASE OF JOHN GLASS

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Montreal based director Pat Tremblay has been a staple of the underground film scene since the early 1990s, slowly building a cult following and critical notice with his two most recent films - the feature Heads of Control and the short Truck Lover - both screened as part of Montreal's Festival Du Nouveau Cinema. And though Tremblay has been quiet since 2006 he'll soon be back on the festival circuit with Hellacious Acres: The Case Of John Glass.

All Tremblay is willing to say about the microbudget production so far is that it's a "minimalist black sci-fi comedy set in a post-apocalyptic world" but we've got the first bit of art for it and it looks to be a good bit of grimy, hand made fun. Keep an eye out for more as we get it.
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