Speechless IFFR fights back

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Ah well... lose some, win some!

This week we reported that because of all the BAFTa and Oscar shenanigans, "The King's Speech" was no longer allowed to close the International Film Festival Rotterdam at the end of next week. Something called "strategic repositioning" meant the Dutch distributor was forced to withdraw the film, so to not disadvantage a newly planned Gala screening over in Berlin.

This sent the IFFR scrambling on a search for a new film to close this year's edition.
And they've found their replacement with "The Fighter" (ironically also a contender for many a mantelpiece ornament).

Hmmm... there is little to choose between the two in my opinion. Both are well-received actor-driven films which are slightly too mainstream for the festival.
All's well that ends well?

See the article at the IFFR website: the article at the IFFR website.
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