Slamdance 2011: Trailer Premiere For Simon Arthur's Psychological Thriller SILVER TONGUES

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Premiering in competition at Slamdance is Simon Arthur's Silver Tongues - the story of a pair of con artists working the con not for profit but, seemingly, for entertainment.

Two lovers play a dark and dangerous game of deceit. Donning different personalities, they travel from town to town using their talent for performance to shatter the lives of strangers unlucky enough to cross their path. But how far can a person go, when all they know are lies? How much can they change before they break? Manipulation builds upon manipulation, and soon the audience themselves become unwitting collaborators in the characters cruel deceptions. As this amoral game spiral out of control, the audience is forced to question who will be the ultimate victim.
Based on his short film of the same name, Silver Tongues is Scottish born director Simon Arthur's feature debut and looks to be a smart, sophisticated piece of work. Twitch is proud to premiere the trailer for this one, you can find it below.
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