IFFR 2011 shows horror anthology KAIDAN with ALL directors present!

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Back in November we reported that Japanese broadcasting station NHK had aired Kaidan Horror Classics, a series of four adaptations of famous macabre short stories by high profile Japanese directors (click here).

This year the International Film Festival Rotterdam will be showing all episodes as one big 160-minute film, but here is a very nice extra: all four directors are present in Rotterdam.

And who are these directors?

Shinya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo, Snake of June, Nightmare Detective)
Hirokazu Kore-Eda (Nobody Knows, Air Doll)
Masayuki Ochiai (Hypnosis, Infection)
Sang-Il Lee (69, Hula Girls)

Getting these together is quite a catch, as you'll agree. Apparently they won't have arrived yet in time for the first screening (this Sunday), but expect guest appearances during the other screenings later on in the festival...

For more information on screenings and such, check the IFFR page:the IFFR-page for Kaidan
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