Alex De La Iglesia, Salma Hayek And A Rod Through The Head In AS LUCK WOULD HAVE IT

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Those waiting for Alex De La Iglesia's planned adaptation of graphic novel The Yellow M are going to have to wait a while longer. And I, for one, am okay with that because the cause of the delay is the launch instead of As Luck Would Have It, an absurdly dark comedy to star Salma Hayek and Jose Mota with production scheduled to start later this month.

The story? Here we go ... Mota stars as a down on his luck publicist who slips and falls in an old Roman era forum, impaling his head on a metal rod. He does not die but cannot be moved. And, bizarrely, he views this not as a bad thing but as an opportunity as he uses his continued impaling as a means to generate celebrity for himself and income for his wife - Hayak - and their family.

Imagine this material in the hands of the award winning director of The Last Circus and Day Of The Beast. This is amazing.

In an unusual twist the Spanish language production is actually based on an unproduced English language script by Tango And Cash writer Randy Feldman, who still intends to make the English version as well.
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