Trailer For Darryl Shaw's Low Budget Science Fiction ANDROID RE-ENACTMENT

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If you spend any time at all around the Toronto film scene there's a fighting chance that you have run in to fledgling director Darryl Shaw. Shaw is a regular and welcome face at festivals and underground screenings where he turns up regularly as a fan / volunteer / staff member / whatever. If it's unusual and it's on film more often than not Shaw will be there.

And over the past few years Shaw has been taking his love for film and putting it to the test, stepping into the director's chair himself and spending what feels like a couple years now buffing and polishing his low budget science fiction feature Android Re-Enactment.

Ermus, an obsessed scientist, tampers with the unstable emotions of android replicas of the people surrounding the greatest heart break of his life. Soon the lines between reality and fantasy are blurred, and Ermus is forced to confront a surreal nightmare.
With things pretty much done now and the festival being sent ou to festivals for the 2011 season the trailer has arrived online. Check it below.

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