The Director Of CRAZY HEART And Writer Of THE TOWN Attached To Remake Pablo Trapero's CARANCHO

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Pablo Trapero's Carancho remains one of my favorite films of the year and if producer Roy Lee has his way the story will soon become much more familiar to a great many people.

Lee is working with Imagine Entertainment and Finecut - producers of the original film - to set up a US based remake of the film. And that took a big step forward with director Scott Cooper (Crazy Heart) and writer Aaron Stockard (The Town) both signing up.

The US version will be titled Vulture and Stockard strikes me as a particularly good choice to adapt the script. The gritty story of an ambulance chasing personal injury lawyer caught up in a growing cycle of violence is one that seems to play to Stockard's strengths.

It's important to note that these are just attachments, nobody has agreed to finance the film yet, but the process should move along fairly quickly with these two aboard.
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