Full Contact Thai Bodily Destruction In BANGKOK KNOCKOUT

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[In a move that should surprise nobody Magnolia Pictures have just acquired US rights to this one.]

Ladies and gentlemen, Panna Rittikrai is a crazy person. The Thai martial artist, director and stunt coordinator rose to international prominence with the success of Ong Bak, a film he choreographed for his then largely unknown protege Tony Jaa. But for literally decades before Ong Bak Rittikrai was one of the hardest working men in the biz, starring in and directing ultra low budget action films in which he laid his - and his stunt crew's - bodies on the line with a string of ridiculous, ultra dangerous stunts with seemingly no safety nets. That nobody has been killed on a Rittikrai film - that I know of - is an absolute miracle.

Rittikra has largely stayed behind the scenes since Ong Bak, his one big directorial effort in the years since being Dan Chupong star vehicle Born To Fight, a film that put the spotlight on one of Rittikrai's favored stunt performers. And with Tony Jaa having a very public meltdown over the last year and now squared away in a Buddhist monastery (really) and Chupong now well established in his own right, Rittikrai is doing it again.

The film is Bangkok Knockout. The stars are nine key members of his stunt team. The action is extreme, extremely dangerous and extremely fun. The first trailer has just arrived, check it below.

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