Fresh new take on the zombie? From Sweden?

With The Walking Dead seemingly injecting new vigor in to zombie fandom I'm suspecting the on coming amount of zombie material that will pour out of Hollywood and the independent industry will be paramount. People have been afraid of tinkering with the zombie lore too much, with them running being the most recent addition to their repertoire but other than that the fans basically want them as they are. It seems though that Sweden will at least attempt to do something different with them in the upcoming feature ZON 261 that the makers describe as "a zombie movie - that isn't a zombie movie - about xenophobia".

Produced by Krejaren, a new company that released another horror film, PSALM 21, in theaters last week they seem to be a group of people that want to inject some new blood in to Scandinavian genre production. Which is all good in my book.
Check out the trailer for ZON 261 below or at the official WEBSITE.

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