FIREBALL Director Thanakorn Pongsuwon Going English Language And 3D With LETHAL STRIKE

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Fireball director Thanakorn Pongsuwon may be the busiest man in Thailand right now. Not only does he have a pair of projects already on the go for Thai audiences - a prequel to Fireball and horror picture Bangkok Fable - but it has also just been announced that in March he will begin production on Lethal Strike, an underground fight film to be shot largely in English and in 3D. Here's the official word:

In Thailand, during a period of violence and corruption, a brutal new underground tournament has emerged, pitting Muay Thai fighters against each other in a deadly arena known as THE DOG TANK. In this dangerous world, an American operative and a Muay Thai boxer form a reluctant alliance. One fights for justice - while the other fights for revenge.

Pongsuwon will be matching an English speaking cast with many of his regular Thai fighters for this - yes, the keen eyed among you do spot one of the stars of Fireball in that poster art - to hopefully bring the best of both.
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