Billy Zane Heads To Nigeria For Jeta Amata's BLACK GOLD

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[Updated with full theatrical trailer.]

Though you wouldn't know it from the amount of coverage it gets in the west - i.e. virtually none - Nigeria is home to one of the most prolific film industries in the world, the nation turning out scores of mostly low budget, shot on video films intended almost entirely for the sole enjoyment within the nation's own borders. But from time to time you get a director there with eyes on something a bit bigger, with aims of going international. And Jeta Amata is definitely one of those.

Amata has recruited an international cast for his latest feature, the politically themed action drama Black Gold, the most recognizable of whom is Billy Zane. Billy mostly just looks confused during his brief appearance in the teaser. Perhaps he's wondering whose idea this combination of hair and moustache was. Or perhaps he's wondering how it is that his big network TV comeback crashed so hard, so fast. See for yourself below.
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