AFM 2010: Panna Rittikrai Gives Thai Action A Kick In The Ass With BANGKOK KNOCKOUT

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Though director Prachya Pinkaew sat at the helm of Ong Bak and Chocolate and therefore takes much of the credit in launching Thai action films into the international market the big force behind the scenes was action choreographer, trainer and mentor Panna Rittikrai. Also an accomplished director himself, Rittikrai is now about to give the action scene he helped foster a good, solid kick in the ass with Bangkok Knockout.

A fight film that takes a number of Rittikrai's favorite behind the scenes stunt men and thrusts them into the leading roles, Bangkok Knockout is a film that knows exactly what it is about: A group of men doing seemingly impossible, fool hardy and potentially fatal things to themselves and each other in the name of entertainment. With the Thai release coming in December, producers Sahamongkol Film have come armed with a lengthy promo reel - which we hope to share with you soon - and this is pure gold for fight and stunt fans.

Anybody out there remember the truck stunt from Rittikrai's Born To Fight? The one they boasted was the most dangerous stunt ever put on film? He tops it here. The stunt work is powerful, agile, and inventive, putting several new wrinkles on the style that Rittikrai helped to create. I don't expect it to rewrite the book in terms of plot and storytelling but in terms of straight up action this is the film to watch for right now. No question.
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