AFM 2010: First LIVID Promo On Display

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With their 2007 debut feature Inside (A L'Interieur) directors Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo took a young woman and locked her in a house with a deranged killer. It was tense, bloody, fantastic stuff. And now in 2010 Maury and Bustillo are hard at work on Livid they are locking a group of teenaged kids in a house with a deranged killer. The promo looks to be tense, bloody, fantastic stuff. But there the similarities end.

Having seen the first promo for the film a few differences are immediately obvious between the two films. Inside took much of its power from being set in a tangibly real world, from its killer being a woman that you could easily meet on the street. Livid goes the other way. There is a clear supernatural element here, a sort of stylized gothic construction to the whole scenario and to the house in which it takes place. If Inside was meant to play as horror taken from fact then Livid plays as horror taken from fairy tale, the Grimm kind with all the bloody bits left in.

The location on the film has been shifted from the UK to the west of France meaning this is not the duo's English debut, as was planned at one point, but very much on the positive side that move has reunited the directors with their Inside star Beatrice Dalle. In 2007, when their debut film released, Inside placed Maury and Bustillo at the crest of the French horror wave. The smart money says Livid will cement their position there for some time to come.
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