AFM 2010: CHOCOLATE Star Jija Yanin Joins Cast Of Prachya Pinkaew's Taekwondo Picture THE KICK

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Gearing up for an imminent start to production with principal photography just weeks away is Ong Bak director Prachya Pinkaew's The Kick.

Revolving around a Korean family of taekwondo masters living in Bangkok The Kick will see Pinkaew bring some new moves to his repertoire. The switch in fight disciplines has led to a switch in fight choreographers with muay thai stylist Panna Rittikrai replaced by taekwondo expert Master An of the Korean Tigers but despite the new stunt leader and new fight style Pinkaew's latest won't be entirely without familiar faces.

Popular Thai comedian Mum Jokmok - Dirty Balls in Ong Bak - is coming along for the ride on this one as is Chocolate leading lady Jija Yanin. Making Yanin's involvement particularly interesting is that taekwondo is actually her first discipline, with muay thai being something she picked up specifically for Chocolate. She'll have a supporting role in this one but expect to see some good things with the added comfort that should come from working with a more familiar style.
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