MAD MAX Delayed Until 2012

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George Miller is not having an easy time getting his Mad Max sequels off the ground. Mad Max: Fury Road and Mad Max: Furiosa were initially meant to have been shooting by now but after unseasonal rains triggered one delay in production The Australian now reports that - for reasons unknown - the production has now been delayed until early 2012 and all crew have been laid off.

While fans can at least take hope in the fact that the film has not been canceled, this is not a good sign. A large amount of money and effort has already been laid out in preparations for the film so any delay of this magnitude has to be viewed as being very serious. One possible cause - and this is pure speculation - is that previous delays have bit into the availability of star Tom Hardy, who is hugely in demand right now. The flip side of that is that if the delay was not made to accommodate Hardy's schedule it may very well cost the film his services as he is currently attached to a fistful of high profile projects and scheduling may become an issue.
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