More Del Toro in the UK with a 4 film all-nighter from Sci-Fi London!

If the promise of seeing the man himself at the Curzon whetted your appetite, then why not indulge in a Guillermo del Toro all-nighter courtesy of Sci-Fi London's Oktoberfest on 16th October.

The mid-year mini festival will play host to Pan's Labyrinth, Cronos, The Devil's Backbone and Mimic (yeah ok, but you'll be asleep by then anyway). The evening itself kicks off at 10.30pm with some pre-movie entertainment and drinks, followed by the screenings from 11.30pm.

There's a lot more going on at Oktoberfest this year too, including a Studio Ghibli all-nighter and a screening of Gareth Edward's acclaimed Monsters.

Head on over to their website to book tickets here.

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