Catch A Glimpse Of The Wave Motion Cannon In Action In The Latest Trailer For Takashi Yamazaki's SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO (STAR BLAZERS)

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Fans of old school anime series have been waiting for this and now it's here: the first glimpse of the wave motion cannon in action in director Takashi Yamazaki's Space Battleship Yamato, the big budget live action adaptation of the anime series released in North America as Star Blazers.

SMAP's Takuya Kimura takes the lead in this one for director Yamazaki, the award winning helmer of the Always films and arguably Japan's top digital effects specialist. Each successive trailer for this has gotten a little bit more epic and revealed a little bit more of the scope of the film - no doubt because Yamazaki is still working on effects so more footage has been available to him for each subsequent cut - and each is more impressive. They're going big with this one and while the wave motion cannon - the signature weapon of the series - makes only a brief appearance it is very definitely in the latest full trailer. For those wanting a shorter glimpse, we've got a fresh teaser as well.
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  • Buddy

    This is so cool, i love it. I wish i could see it. The Japanese fx artists realy did their best on this. I mean when that Jet aircraft(dont know if it had a specefic name in the anime) It realy looked realistic.

  • Sébastien


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