The New MACHETE Trailer. Utter Madness. Watch Now.

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Dear Robert Rodriguez: Thank you.

The new trailer for Rodriguez' grindhouse throwback Machete has arrived and it is absolutely, utterly daft. So daft that it has Steven Seagal as the second billed actor. So daft that it 'introduces' Don Johnson. And so daft that it features a fully automatic gatling gun mounted to the front handlebars of a motorcycle. And Cheech Marin as a priest. The only thing that could make this movie crazier is an injection of Lindsay Lohan. Oh, look, it's got her, too.

What it's also got is a MASSIVE injection of the "Fuck off, we're going for it" energy that the Weinstein company were clearly hoping for but largely didn't get from their Grindhouse experiment. Yes, please.
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