Concept Art for Live Action ROBOT TAEKWON V **UPDATE**

[UPDATE:  A second set of Josh Nizzi's Robot Taekwon V designs has been posted via The Taekwon V lab.  Check it out in our gallery below.]

Wanna see how the Robot Taekwon V designs may turn out in the upcoming live action film? The Taekwon V lab has posted some concept art of Korea's favorite giant Taekwondo-kicking robot by digital artist Josh Nizzi who fittingly enough, has served as an senior illustrator on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and will continue to do so in the third installment.  Keep in the mind that the designs may not necessary represent the end result.   So what do you think about these designs?

Production is still on-going as we speak.  The tentative release date is sometime in 2011.  You'll find the concept art in our gallery below.
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