The New York Asian Film Festival Trailers Bring Death And Destruction Uptown!

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They say it better than I will, so I`ll leave it up to them:

We have become what we hate! New York Asian Film Festival embraces the Great Satan and moves uptown to Lincoln Center, where we hope that giant monsters, pink film stars, and genital weaponry will burn bridges for decades to come!

The festival runs from June 25th to July 8th, with 45+ titles from all over Asia! Three cinemas! Walter Reade Theatre at Lincoln Center for the entire fest, Japan Society from July 1-4, and IFC Center Midnights on June 25-26 and July 2-3. Plus a special show at Anthology Film Archives on July 4th! Are we insane?

Keep your eyes on for more information and details.Website launch is early next week, and tickets go on sale on June 10th. Check & & for tickets.

In the meantime, keep watching for new updates, and keep your eyes on this YouTube Channel for regular video updates from the festival this year!

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