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Danish arthouse darling Susanne Bier - director of Brothers, After The Wedding and Open Hearts - resumes her long standing relationship with screen writer Anders Thomas Jensen with Haevnen or In A Better World.

Though slated for theatrical release in Denmark in August, there is a remarkable shortage of English language information on the latest film from such an internationally known director. Sales agents Trust Nordisk do not include a synopsis at all for the film while the IMDB claims it revolves around a brother reunited with his twin sister, believed to have died years before in a concentration camp. But if the IMDB is correct on that front at all it would seem that particular thread is only of marginal importance because that's not at all what I'm seeing on screen.

What is there? A multi-generation, multi-national treatise on cycles of violence and human cruelty. Bier has proven herself to be a master in this sort of territory already - After The Wedding contains a helping dose of these themes - and it appears that she's diving headlong into it here. More information will follow as we get it but for now you can find the teaser below.
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