Subtitled trailer for Go Shibata's 'Doman Seman'

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I don't want to know what is coming out of that guy's head. Watch the trailer and you'll see. Japanese indie director Go Shibata is certainly turning heads as of late with his previous film Late Bloomer. One of his next films Doman Seman will screen at NYAFF so hopefully we'll have a review for you. In the mean time Wildgrounds leads us towards a new subtitled trailer that would appear at first to be a touch comprehensible then the latter half spins wildly out of control. We love it! Find it after the break!

Oh, and this is part of the writeup from the NYAFF site, Less a movie and more an occult working scored to an unholy blend of ska and thrash metal (courtesy of Kyoto's indie music scene), DOMAN SEMAN is likely to cause fist fights in the theater but it works because Shibata weaves driving music, insane images, a bizarre personal cosmology and his passionate opposition to the dehumanizing effects of modern living into a magic carpet ride that moves at Mach 5. It's nothing less than a cinematic exorcism whose goal is to purge the demons of the 20th Century from our souls.
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